all marketers are buyers

Pop quiz…
What’s the biggest mistake I see in copy?
I’m not talking about the “mechanics” of copy here.
I’m talking about something MUCH bigger, and I can promise you that if you can nail this you’ll be just fine when writing ANY kind of communications. This goes far beyond sales and marketing, it can help you out in every aspect of life from landing that dream job to finding love…
As simple as it sounds, people (myself included) screw it up all of the time…
It’s the ability to resonate with your target market.
We’re all buyers. But a lot of marketers are too busy “thinking like a marketer” and not focusing enough on thinking like a buyer.
Let’s say a single guy sees a girl he’d like to talk to. What’s going to work better?
"Hey girl. I I like you. I make enough money to buy you everything you’ll ever want. I’m amazing in bed, but don’t take my word for it, here’s what just a few of the girls I’ve dated in the past have to say about me…"
"Hi. Mind if I sit down?"
I can tell you from experience the 2nd one works (DISCLAIMER: I haven’t tested the first one).
It’s direct, it’s non-threatening and it gets the message across.
Here’s the thing…
Everyone loves buying stuff. No one likes to be sold to. The only way to convince people to buy from you without coming off as a pushy salesman is to become someone people trust and listen to. And the only way you can really do that is to put yourself in your prospects shoes and see the world from their perspective. If you can figure out what makes your prospects tick, you’ll be able to relate to them, to understand what it is they need and how you can help them.
And that’s the REAL trick right there…
Once you figure out how to bring real value into the world, once you realize that your income directly correlates with how much value you’re bringing into people’s lives…
All of the sudden sales resistance drops to zero. You can stop chasing and pressuring prospects, because they’ll start coming to you.
Something to think about.
-Scott Murdaugh